Sunday, June 9, 2013

Outfit | SS

For the lack of a good title, I shall name this post "SS" for "Scarf Skirt". Lame, I know..

I've been studying all day and I guess it's time for me to sleep.. It's late and I have another long study day ahead of me again tomorrow. I thought what better way to relax before heading to bed is to blog!

I was trying to see how I can get more use out of my clothes and found this cute dress with a scarf print I purchased last summer. Yes, it is a dress which I just used as a skirt by folding and tucking in the top part with a belt. I decided to go for more of a paperbag style by letting a little part of the dress peek through the belt. Photos still a little blurry! Sorry you guys.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Outfit | New Direction

Hi! Finally, a blog post. I wonder when the next one would be. Haha! Anyway, so.. I'm currently in the works of moving my blog from blogger to (though I should really be studying right now..) and boy it is a lot harder than it looks! Well, this is coming from someone who knows nothing about the www world. Hopefully I can get it up and running very soon.. Sun finally came up yesterday and temperature is rising! I'm not complaining as we are overdue for some sunshine, especially after a full week of rain and gloominess here in Vancouver. It's June, so it's about time!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outfit | Denim & Stripes

So, I'm back from my 2-week vacation in Japan and I cannot wait to blog about it! I'm just trying to sort through a million photos I took and waiting for more from some friends. Ok, I didn't take a million but I've taken enough to keep me busy until probably next week. I had such a blast and I already cannot wait to be able to visit again.. or see the other countries my new friends live in :)

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