Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outfit | Denim & Stripes

So, I'm back from my 2-week vacation in Japan and I cannot wait to blog about it! I'm just trying to sort through a million photos I took and waiting for more from some friends. Ok, I didn't take a million but I've taken enough to keep me busy until probably next week. I had such a blast and I already cannot wait to be able to visit again.. or see the other countries my new friends live in :)

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photo Diary || Snowboarding '12-'13

Before I completely leave this winter season behind, I would like to share with you, photos from my snowboarding experience this year. I actually only got into this recently and my first time was just last January 2013. It was one of the most spontaneous thing I did but I'm glad I went. Unfortunately, I haven't gone back to the mountains with them again, but I was able to go with my assumptionista friends here in Vancouver. (fyi-assumptionista is the term used for those who went to Assumption school in the Philippines). Anyway, I've grown to love my city so much more, because it only takes us 1 hour to go up the mountain (or 2 to go to Whistler). The landscapes are just breathtaking both day and night.

warning: picture heavy after the jump

these are also just taken via our iPhones and cold, freezing, shaky hands, so please don't expect creamy & blurry backgrounds nor extremely awesome breathtaking photos. LOL

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Outfit | Stripe-tease

I find these particular trends--stripes and black & white, very interesting. Although I would say I'm more of a minimalist in terms of my outfit choices, I still love to experiment with different styles and trends.. and see if I can even pull it off, haha! To be honest, I did find it quite challenging since the stripes are already too loud (which I'm not used to to begin with), so I stayed within the black & white palette, and added my favorite belt just to cinch it up a bit. It balloons by the waist, thus, losing my already non-existent curves (lol!)

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Outfit | Mouse Hat

To be honest, I really want to write more about my deeper thoughts/feelings here, but at the same time.. I'm too conscious about trying to keep this blog "light.." I know that some people I actually know in real life looks/reads this and I also want blogger hoppers/readers to leave this site feeling light & happy. Is it just me or do you, bloggers, often find yourself in the same situation?

I'm glad that mr. sun is now up longer ... giving me some time to take photos! :)

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